6 Reasons To Visit a Physio in Doreen and Epping

6 Reasons To Visit a Physio In Epping & Doreen

6 Reasons To Visit a Physio in Doreen and Epping

Physiotherapists specialise in the treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal conditions, working with people of all ages and activity levels. While many people believe that physio treatment is only required after a sporting injury, this is not the case. The range of treatments available in physiotherapy also benefit people who want to improve their posture or strength, recover from surgery, prevent injury or suffer from a chronic condition.

The experienced, friendly team at Muscle Joint Bont are dedicated to providing quality physio care to their patients in Epping, Doreen and surrounds.

Here are 6 reasons you may need to book a physio appointment:

Persistent Pain

Living with a chronic condition such as persistent pain can be challenging and frustrating. Physiotherapists often treat individuals who live with chronic pain, helping them to reduce pain and increase activity levels.

Sport Injuries

Sports Physiotherapists are synonymous with athletes and elite sport due to their ability to treat acute sporting injuries. If you suffer a sports injury, you should complete the R.I.C.E advice- rest, ice, compression and elevation- and then visit your physiotherapist to complete the most appropriate recovery.

Improve Posture

A poor posture can result in pain, imbalance, incorrect alignment and tension. If you sit for long periods of time or notice any of the symptoms above, you may need to actively improve your posture. Visit a physio at Muscle Joint Bone if you could benefit from improving your posture.

Boost Your Strength or Flexibility

Tight or shortened muscles are particularly common in people with sedentary jobs and can cause pain or tension. A physio will assess your current flexibility and help to correct imbalances with a tailored treatment approach. The strength of your muscles is also important for stability and control.

Injury Prevention

Whether you are starting a new activity or sport or want to improve your sporting performance, visiting a physiotherapist may reduce your risk of injury and increase your athletic performance. The physiotherapists at Muscle Joint Bone will work with you and your goals, ensuring your body is prepared for your chosen activity.

Post-Surgery Recovery

Recovering from surgery can be a challenging process without the appropriate support. Long periods of rest or inactivity can lead to imbalance or weakness. A physiotherapist can guide you through the healing period and ensure you are completing an appropriate rehabilitation program based on your unique recovery.

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