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Balwyn North Muscle Joint Bone Team

The team at Muscle Joint Bone Balwyn North are dedicated to providing the utmost health and wellbeing solutions. Operating on a philosophy of getting you better faster, for longer, we provide only the highest quality services and products, and one of the best services we offer is our people.

Each onsite specialist is an experienced in their respective field, having received accreditation as an Osteopath, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor or Podiatrist. Not only do they work spectacularly as individuals, but they also shine as a team, having joined forces on numerous occasions to plan and manage treatment for specific conditions.

Dr Nathan Katsanevakis

Director & Osteopath

B.App.Sci (Comp Med), M.Osteo
BSc (Anatomy)

Dr Nathan Katsanevakis is a fully qualified experienced osteopath who prior to his profession completed a Bachelor of Science at The University of Melbourne with a study major in anatomy.

Nathan’s interests primarily revolve around sport, having participated in a variety of different sports from an early age. Through these interests and his work in surgical theatre, Nathan has developed a keen interest in sports injury rehabilitation, post-surgical care and postural correction.

Nathan will often give patients specific rehabilitation exercises, stretches or advice to help facilitate healing and prevent re-injury. Where suitable, Nathan will incorporate the therapeutic use of Dry Needling and Shockwave Therapy as part of your Osteopathic treatment.

Natalie Katsanevakis

Dr Natalie Katsanevakis

Practice Principal & Osteopath

B.App.Sci (Comp Med), M.Osteo
Certified Pilates Teacher

Dr Natalie Katsanevakis (nee: Burris) is a fully qualified, registered osteopath and certified Pilates teacher. Natalie practices what she preaches; with a love for exercise and healthy living she shares the pain and injuries of fellow marathon runners and parents on the move. Through her dedication to sports training she knows ‘where it hurts’, will identify muscular imbalances and weaknesses, and correct joint alignment and dysfunctions.

Natalie’s interests aren’t just limited to sports/exercise related injuries. Being a devoted mother to her two sons, she has a strong interest in women’s health and well-being, pre and post pregnancy care, and childhood sporting injuries and postural strains. Natalie aims to establish the underlying cause of dysfunction, striving for effective and long term results.

Natalie utilises a combination of osteopathic techniques, Dry Needling, and Clinical Pilates based rehabilitation and self-management strategies depending on the needs of the individual patient.

Johnny He

Johnny He

Director & Physiotherapist

B.App.Sci (H.M)

Johnny is an all-round Physiotherapist with an additional Bachelor of Exercise Science. He provides a combination of manual treatment particularly dry needling with corrective exercise approach, aswell as the use of advanced equipment including Shockwave Therapy and High-Powered Laser Therapy, aswell as electrotherapy options.

Growing up with a strong sports background including athletics, soccer and amateur boxing, Johnny understands how important injury management and conditioning can impact on a person’s wellbeing, as a result of him experiencing and recovering from his own share of personal injuries.

Johnny has a patient-centred care approach to his treatment and strong belief in not just relieving patients of pain but fixing the underlying cause and helping to prevent further injuries from occurring.

Dr Stefan Giardini


B.Health Sc
B.App.Sc (Osteopathy)

Stefan graduated from RMIT University with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy) and a Bachelor of Health Science.

Stefan was inspired to pursue a career in Osteopathy after he suffered from chronic injuries as a result of his previous career in hospitality aswell as from playing state league 4 soccer. After years of trying various treatments he found the treatment he received through Osteopathy helped him recover and allowed him to return to work aswell as play again pain-free.

As part of Stefan’s passion for Soccer, he also became an accredited Sports trainer for a State League 4th division soccer team and assists the players with injury management, stretches/exercises, and health advice.

Stefan has a special interest in Sporting Injuries, Foot and Ankle pain and instability, Jaw pain aswell as postural discomforts. Stefan uses a range of Osteopathy techniques aswell as exercises and stretches to aid in getting you back to your optimal self again. He also has a wealth of knowledge on Nutritional advice to help offer a holistic approach to helping you recover faster and prevent injury.

Amongst his soccer obsession (an Arsenal & Real Madrid supporter), Stefan likes to keep fit and loves to dabble in a little kickboxing, martial arts, yoga and high tempo weight-training, and because of his previous industry experience in hospitality, he is always on the hunt for the next best specialty black coffee or authentic pizza!

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