Doreen Clinic Team

The Team

The team at Muscle Joint Bone are dedicated to providing the utmost health and wellbeing solutions. Operating on a philosophy of getting you better faster, for longer, we provide only the highest quality services and products, and one of the best services we offer is our people.

Each onsite specialist is an experienced in their respective field, having received accreditation as an Osteopath, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor or Podiatrist. Not only do they work spectacularly as individuals, but they also shine as a team, having joined forces on numerous occasions to plan and manage treatment for specific conditions.

Dr Nathan Katsanevakis


B.App.Sci (Comp Med), M.Osteo
BSc (Anatomy)

Dr Nathan Katsanevakis is a fully qualified experienced osteopath who prior to his profession completed a Bachelor of Science at The University of Melbourne with a study major in anatomy.

Nathan’s interests primarily revolve around sport, having participated in a variety of different sports from an early age. Through these interests and his work in surgical theatre, Nathan has developed a keen interest in sports injury rehabilitation, post-surgical care and postural correction.

Nathan will often give patients specific rehabilitation exercises, stretches or advice to help facilitate healing and prevent re-injury. Where suitable, Nathan will incorporate the therapeutic use of Dry Needling and Shockwave Therapy as part of your Osteopathic treatment.

Dr Jarrod Alivizatos


B.Sci (Clinical Sci), M.Hs (Osteo), M.A.O.A

Dr Jarrod Alivizatos, founder of Northern Spinal & Sports Injury Clinic and Muscle Joint Bone, strongly believes that through his work he can assist with the body’s inherent capacity to heal itself. His sheer dedication to wellbeing and unparalleled industry knowledge, make him one of our greatest assets. Jarrod has previously worked in rehabilitation programs for two major AFL clubs.

Dr Natalie Katsanevakis

Practice Principal

B.App.Sci (Comp Med), M.Osteo
Certified Pilates Teacher

Dr Natalie Burris is a fully qualified, registered osteopath and certified Pilates teacher. Natalie practices what she preaches; with a love for exercise and healthy living she shares the love and pain of fellow marathon runners and skiers. Through her dedication to sports training she knows ‘where it hurts’, will identify muscular imbalances and weaknesses, and corrects joint alignment and dysfunctions.

Natalie utilizes a combination of osteopathic techniques, Dry Needling, and Pilates based rehabilitation and self-management strategies depending on the needs of the individual patient.

She has an interest in all patient types; including those with sports injuries, general postural/work strains, chronic conditions of the elderly and osteopathic treatment for pre and post-pregnancy care.

Dr Jessica Djimoti

B.App.Sci (Comp Med), M.Osteo

Dr Jessica Djimoti has always been a keen participant in team sports; Jessica has a long held affinity for fitness and health that has fuelled her desire to assist others through sports related injuries, while also developing her own new methods of self management.

Jessica’s interests aren’t just limited to sports/exercise related presentations. She has a strong interest in women’s health and well-being, as well as postural correction and post surgical rehabilitation. When treating, Jessica utilizes a wide range of techniques, tailoring each treatment to the patient’s individual requirements.

Dr Charlie Shipley

B. H Sci B. App. Sci (Osteo)

Charlie has a passion for Gymnastics and has been involved in the sport for most of his life; as a gymnast, coach and program coordinator. He is an Advanced Accredited WAG (Women’s Artistic Gymnastics) and MAG (Men’s Artistic Gymnastics) Gymnastics coach. His in depth knowledge of the biomechanics of gymnastics, training principles and discipline, means he approaches treatment with a positive, practical attitude.

He uses a wide range of techniques to treat with a strong focus on structural treatment and comprehensive rehabilitation programs. Charlie believes in being a lifelong learner and is passionate about reading and being up to date with current research.

Dr Matthew Darmody

B.App.Sci (Comp Med), M.Osteo

Dr Matthew Darmody possesses a strong enthusiasm and passion for Osteopathic care. He has a solid background in remedial/sports massage with a Diploma of Remedial Massage to compliment his Osteopathic skills.

Matthew has worked extensively in the treatment of new born babies and children of all ages, alleviating symptoms of colic, reflux and muscle and joint strain.

An avid sportsman, Matthew continues to be an active member of the Healesville Football Club and an enthusiastic Essendon supporter. In his spare time, Matt enjoys spending time with his partner, Whitney, and son, Louie.

Dr Monique Goss

B. App. Sci/B. H. Sci (Osteo)

Dr Monique Goss career path stems from her love of competitive dancing at a young age, Monique has developed a natural affinity for human movement, injury prevention, rehabilitation and functional diagnosis.

After undergoing her own knee reconstruction, Dr Goss continues to apply these principles through involvement as a trainer at various sporting clubs, as well as prescribing tailored management programs for many of her patients.

In her spare time she loves listening to Australian music, going on outdoor adventures and visiting her family in South Gippsland.

Dr Chris Milios


Since graduating high school, Chris knew his gift was to help people. He became a Myotherapist and worked in several clinics and with elite sports teams however found that he wanted to further progress his study of the human body. Chris graduated from RMIT University in 2013 as a Chiropractor and has since had vast experience treating many different conditions. His work experience in Chiropractic spans from young children to elderly patients and is keen to continue his work in assisting people to enhance their every day life.

Mr Matthew Fieschi


Matthew has always been interested in anatomy, medicine and healthcare and together with his own experiences playing football and dealing with sporting injuries, helped direct him towards assisting others with Osteopathy.

He is driven and motivated to achieve the best results for his patients, with his treatment and management tailored to each individual patient to offer a high level of personalised care. He enjoys building relationships with his patients and provides the advice and guidance needed to achieve positive outcomes.

Matthew enjoys treating a wide range of musculoskeletal complaints and welcomes patients of all ages, but has particular interest in injury rehabilitation, headache management and postural correction.

Tara Herbert


Tara completed her Osteopathic studies at RMIT University. Having worked in the health and fitness industry for many years and undertaking previous studies in nutrition, she has a keen interest in the holistic approach to patient’s health and wellbeing and loves that Osteopathy allows her to approach each patient with this in mind. Tara is an experienced pilates instructor having studied with Polestar Pilates Australia, completing the Rehabilitative Clinical Pilates series and utilizes this as a means to assist patients with self-management techniques and injury prevention.

Tara uses a range of techniques but has a particular interest in fascia and its role in long-term postural strains and chronic conditions. She is passionate about expanding her knowledge about treatment and management techniques to improve patient outcomes and loves the dynamic challenges that osteopathy offers.

Elizabeth Stacey


Elizabeth is a qualified osteopath and Pilates instructor. Since graduating in 2010, she has enjoyed treating all types of patients. Elizabeth focuses on finding the primary cause of dysfunction, rather than just the pain, in her quest to help patients towards long-term health and wellness. She finds of particular interest long-term neck/shoulder injuries, as well as lower back and hip pain.

With two small children herself, Elizabeth has a keen interest in treating babies and children, as well as pregnant women. An ex-triathlete and marathon runner, Elizabeth also loves treating sports injuries, as well as general work/postural strains. She has completed further study in babies and children, pregnant women, tendon injuries, dry needling, Pilates, Cranial Osteopathy, functional movement for athletes, as well as sports taping.

James Fleming


Dr James Fleming is a fully qualified osteopath after graduating from Victoria University who prior to his profession completed a Bachelor of Business at Monash University.

James started his osteopathic journey after witnessing its benefits through his family and his own sporting injuries. He has always been interested by the human body, and its response to pain and injury. His passion for sport (particularly AFL and tennis) has additionally fuelled his interest in sports performance, recovery and injury prevention strategies.

While at Victoria University in his final year of study, he undertook an osteopathic exchange to Italy, where he worked as a student osteopath at the Istituto Superiore di Osteopatia Milano.

James utilises varied treatment approaches, tailored to the individual and enjoys treating a multitude of conditions both acute and chronic.

In his spare time, James enjoys playing football for the ‘Yarra Valley Old Grammarians’, going to the gym, travelling, drinking coffee and spending time with friends and family.

Johnny He


Jenna Wood


Jenna is a physiotherapist who is passionate about all things regarding physical and mental health and well being. She grew up and studied in Perth and has since worked in several physiotherapy roles across the country. In 2016 she travelled with the Under 19 Men’s Australian Lacrosse team to Canada as the physiotherapist.

Jenna has also completed her training in Clinical Pilates and Yoga and has a special interest in Women’s Health physiotherapy.

In her spare time, Jenna enjoys going to yoga, playing lacrosse and looking after her collection of indoor plants.

Omar Al Dabel


Omar is a physiotherapist with a passion for empowering people to keep them doing what they love. “Movement is medicine” is the value that underpins his practice.

With a background in combat sports and weight training, he’s passionate about working with combat sports athletes and keeping them on the mats and in the ring.

Omar places an emphasis on strength and conditioning and exercise rehab with hands-on therapy when it’s needed.

When he’s not helping people get healthy, he enjoys spending time with friends and family, training BJJ, wrestling and getting outdoors.

Nikola White


Dr Nikola White graduated from RMIT University and harnesses her love for a wide variety of sports and the great outdoors when tailoring her holistic treatment and management approach to each individual client. She maintains a primary goal of helping clients to achieve their greatest physical potential through enhancing mobility and function.

Nikola adapts to the needs of each client confidently with a variety of both direct and indirect hands-on osteopathic techniques, and has completed further study in dry needling and counterstrain. Nikola also utilises sound exercise prescription that is influenced by her pilates training.

Emily Glaw


B HSc/B AppSc (Chiropractic)

Emily grew up being fascinated with helping others by a hands-on approach. Moving from country NSW, she graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science/Chiropractic degree and Bachelor of Health Science degree at RMIT University. Emily has a background in netball and has 4 years experience as a sports trainer/first aider for Greensborough Football Club.

Emily believes in a multi-modal approach to treatment including but limited to: manipulation, mobilisation, soft tissue massage, stretching, dry needling and using therapeutic machines when appropriate. She has a strong perspective in treatment and prevention of pain, along with improving function and empowering those with tools for self management.

Sarah Ma Lang


Sarah graduated from RMIT University with a double Bachelor of Health Science/Applied Science (Osteopathy). She discovered Osteopathy after suffering several sporting injuries herself, and saw the benefits osteopathic treatment brought for her family and friends.

Sarah is a passionate practitioner who welcomes clients of all ages. She treats a range of both acute and chronic injuries, with a particular interest in low back pain, neck pain and headaches. She is also qualified in Dry Needling. She believes in having a hands-on approach to helping people recover from their injuries and ailments, so that they can enjoy the activities that they love.

When Sarah is not at work, she likes to stay active by playing sports, hitting the gym or patting with her King Charles Cavalier, Rex.

Will Fleming


Dr. William Fleming is a fully qualified osteopath with a previous Bachelor of Science from the University of Melbourne, where he majored in human structure and function.

William’s passion for sport (particularly AFL, cricket and tennis) began at an early age and fuelled his interest in sports performance, recovery and injury prevention strategies.

His experience as a football club sports trainer and overseas work in an Indian hospital has allowed him to treat a wide range of conditions. In addition to his osteopathic training, he uses a variety of techniques such as dry needling and shockwave therapy to treat acute and chronic pain.

In his spare time, William enjoys playing football, going to the gym and spending time with family.

Dr Claire Steans


Claire treats patients from primary school age and above, and enjoys treating a wide variety of conditions including, but not limited to, headaches and migraines, postural related injuries, foot and ankle injuries and repetitive strain injuries. Claire provides effective treatment and management for both acute and chronic conditions and likes to tailor each individual treatment using a mixture of hands on techniques and has also completed further study in dry needling.

In addition to the hands-on treatment, Claire is passionate about educating her patients about their body and their injuries and encourages the use of at home exercises and stretches for optimal recovery and long-term management. Claire encourages her patients to lead an active healthy life and can offer advice and strategies to help patients meet their goals.

When Claire isn’t at the clinic she enjoys taking her Siberian Husky Nahla for walks and enjoys the downtime to get stuck into a new book!

David Michael


Joanna Lee

Pilates Instructor