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As one of Melbourne’s leading clinical pilates studios, Muscle Joint Bone is conveniently located in Doreen & Epping to help treat any pain you may be having.

Our studio provides pilates classes to those in Saint Helena & surrounding areas.

At Muscle Joint Bone, our Clinical Pilates classes are offered as part of our treatment regime and aim to improve flexibility, posture, strength and develop control and overall endurance in the body.

Our Clinical Pilates classes are specifically tailored to your condition by our qualified  Physiotherapists, Osteopaths or Chiropractors, who perform real time ultrasound assessments of the stabilising muscles of the lumbar spine. This in-depth visual assessment is used to assess areas of weakness to ensure Pilates is suitable for your specific ailment; and is also helpful when addressing pelvic floor muscle dysfunction before and after pregnancy. It ensures we identify specific exercises that will aid your recovery without causing aggravation for sports injuries.

Poor Posture is a common condition among office personnel, labourers and students that is often left untreated. Over time, other parts of your body compensate for your poor posture, and therefore become out of alignment which leads to injuries such as neck pain, headaches, upper and lower back pain, as well as hip concerns.


Clinical Pilates Classes is designed to build strength and lean muscle tone, and improve flexibility by lengthening the body and aligning the spine. This differs from many other exercises which aim to bulk and shorten muscles, and has a variety of health benefits.

Moreover, clinical Pilates focuses on the core which assists in the development of overall body strength. The focus on the core also makes Reformer Pilates desirable to individuals seeking rehabilitation from injury as this boosts postural awareness.

As a low impact exercise, Clinical Pilates is a great way to strengthen weak muscles and poor posture, by retraining the way you carry out everyday activities, ensuring the benefits gained transfer into daily life.  Improving your core stability increases the chances of leading a functional and pain-free life, whilst reducing the risk of re-injury.

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Benefits of Clinical Pilates:

  • Improved core strength and posture
  • Increased flexibility and muscular strength
  • Injury Prevention
  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Restoring regular movement
  • Improved breathing control
  • Enhanced muscular control and co-ordination
  • Improved fitness levels and balance
  • Pre & Post-Natal exercises

Our Clinical Pilates sessions are conducted by a qualified by one of our qualified Physiotherapists, Osteopaths or Chiropractors allowing rebates with your private health fund as per your cover allowance.

Our tailored treatment plans, together with clinical Pilates can help to get your body back in proper alignment even quicker.

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MONDAY 10.00am – 12.00pm 5.00pm – 8.00pm
TUESDAY CLOSED 3.00pm – 6.30pm
WEDNESDAY 10.00am – 12.00pm 5.00pm – 8.00pm
THURSDAY CLOSED 4.00pm – 8.30pm
FRIDAY CLOSED 4.00pm – 8.00pm
SATURDAY 8.00am – 12.00pm CLOSED

Clinical Pilates is claimable on Private health funds, please check out our current pilates pricing online.

Please keep in mind we require 24 hour notice if you cannot make your session booked. Cancellation fees apply for no show patients.