Dr Charlie Shipley

B. H Sci B. App. Sci (Osteo)

Dr Charlie ShipleyCharles Shipley is a fully qualified, registered osteopath completing his studies at RMIT university. He is also an Advanced Accredited WAG (Women’s Artistic Gymnastics) and MAG (Men’s Artistic Gymnastics) Gymnastics coach.

Charlie has a passion for Gymnastics and has been involved in the sport for most of his life; as a gymnast, coach and program coordinator. He has over 10 years of practical coaching experience in a diverse range of athletes: from kinder children, learning basic motor skills to elite level athletes aspiring for the Olympics.Using his in depth knowledge of the biomechanics of gymnastics, training principles and discipline, he approaches treatment with a positive, practical attitude. He uses a wide range of techniques to treat with a strong focus on structural treatment and comprehensive rehabilitation programs.

Dr. Shipley has a keen interest in treating children in a wide variety of sports with a particular focus on gymnastics. He is an advocate for injury prevention and healthy participation in sport through osteopathic treatment combined with individualised rehabilitation and pre-hab programs.

Charlie believes in being a lifelong learner and is passionate about reading and being up to date with current research. He has also completed a dry needling course facilitating his belief in using the most effective treatment technique for any specific presentation.