Dr Natalie Burris

B.App.Sci (Comp Med), M.Osteo
Certified Pilates Teacher

Dr Natalie Katsanevakis Dr Natalie Burris is a fully qualified, registered osteopath and certified Pilates teacher. She completed her five year Bachelor of Applied Science and Masters of Osteopathy degree finishing with distinction average and commendation from the RMIT University Osteopathic Board. Natalie is also experienced in the therapeutic use of Dry Needling and Shockwave Therapy.

During her studies, Natalie volunteered her time working alongside physiotherapists and occupational therapists to treat children with cerebral palsy at Tom Mboya School for Cerebral Palsy and within the orthopaedic and outpatient ward at Coast General Hospital Mombasa in Kenya.

Natalie practices what she preaches; with a love for exercise and healthy living she shares the love and pain of fellow marathon runners and skiers. Through her dedication to sports training she knows ‘where it hurts’, will identify muscular imbalances and weaknesses, and corrects joint alignment and dysfunctions.

Upon treating patients Natalie predominately utilizes a structural approach, with a combination of osteopathic techniques, Dry Needling, and Pilates based rehabilitation and self-management strategies depending on the needs of the individual patient. She has an interest in all patient types; including those with sports injuries, general postural/work strains, chronic conditions of the elderly and osteopathic treatment for pre and post-pregnancy care.