Dr Simon Chambers


Dr Simon Chambers graduated from Southern Cross University in 2011 and has worked in private practice since, successfully managing a wide range of conditions and cases.  Using Osteopathic philosophy and a variety of gentler techniques, Simon brings improved health to his patients by focusing on the musculoskeletal system, while treating the body as a whole.

Working predominantly in a business district for the past 5 years Simon has successfully treated and alleviated work-related strains and pain on clients who work long hours at a desk, or work in a high stress environment. Simon will treat the overworked and tense muscles and will have dialog with the patient about better work practices, posture and lifestyle changes to improve overall health. With a history of managing athletes and sports teams, Simon directly works on injuries such as a strained muscle or ligament. He also treats the surrounding area, which helps get optimal function in the system, reduces further strain on the injury site and allows the area to heal faster. Due to fabulous results treating babies and their mothers early in his career, Simon has developed quite a following from parents with infants, pregnant women and new mothers. He has since received ongoing recommendations both word of mouth and via online forums.