$30 OFF
$30 OFF

New Patient Special Offer

Save $30 on your Initial Consultation & Treatment

Muscle Joint Bone would like to offer all new patients $30.00 off their initial consultation with one of our healthcare professionals.

As one of the most trusted Allied Health Clinics in Doreen & Epping, Muscle Joint Bone uses advanced treatments and techniques for the mobilisation of joints and soft tissues.

Our team consists of highly trained, experienced and dedicated osteopaths, remedial massage therapists, chiropractorspodiatristsphysiotherapists and sports massage therapists, who provide a professional and personalised treatment service unique to your needs.

For more information on how we can help you, or to book an appointment or contact Muscle Joint Bone Doreen on 9715 0582 or Muscle Joint Bone Epping on 9088 8228.

What to expect at your initial consultation

At Muscle Joint Bone & Sports Injury Clinic, we pride ourselves on personalised, complete patient care and aim to provide the most up to date and effective treatment and injury management to get you moving and feeling your best.When you come to see us for your injury needs you can expect:

  • thorough assessment of your condition or injury
  • An explanation of the diagnosis and education about the likely contributing factors
  • Choices in your management options, based on your goals, expectations and preferences
  • To have a clear management plan in place to help achieve your goals
  • A focus on hands-on, manual therapy techniques where appropriate
  • Practical and progressive exercise advice, relevant to your needs
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Compassion is an integral part of what we do at Muscle Joint Bone. Our team is always looking out for the patient’s wellbeing with a goal to get them fit and active as soon as possible.

We know that each patient and injury or condition is different, which is why we always provide tailor made solutions that utilise an integrated approach to healthcare. Through using the expertise of our team and precise progress management technologies, we are able to tackles problems at the root.

Aside from more direct healing approaches, our team can also provide a diverse range of treatments that extend beyond Physio, Chiropractic, Podiatry and Osteo practices and into long term healing methods. These methods include clinical Pilates, Myotherapy, massage and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Not only do we want to see you overcome your ailment rapidly, but we also want to provide ongoing relief that will prevent unwanted symptoms or injuries from returning.


Our Allied Health clinic welcomes TAC and Work-safe injuries. HICAPS is also available for customers with private health insurance. All of our practitioners are government registered healthcare professionals.

For more information on how we can help you, or to book an appointment or call Muscle Joint Bone Doreen on 9715 0582 or Muscle Joint Bone Epping on 9088 8228 to find out how we can help you.