The Muscle Joint Bone Sleep Mattress

As those with sore joints, backs or muscles will know, a good mattress can make all the difference. Recommending mattresses as healthcare professionals can be a minefield, what constitutes not just a ‘good quality’ mattress, but the correct mattress?

We at Muscle Joint Bone have the ability to use our profiling system to figure out the best mattress for your body. When you buy a mattress at Muscle Joint Bone we will take you through a three-step assessment by using our profiling system. This will help find the best mattress for you.

Step 1: Clinical assessment

Brief Orthopaedic history and assessment. Where appropriate, information from the patient’s respective healthcare provider.
Step 2: Diagnostic assessment

We use a spinal laser to measure your spinal alignment. This is done to eliminate any sheering, side bending or pressure through the spine.

After the alignment has been configured we measure the pressure between the patient and the mattress via a sensor mat. This is done to find the mattress that puts the least pressure on the body.
Step 3: Prescription

Combining information from the clinical and diagnostic assessments the patient will be prescribed a mattress perfect for their body based on science, not guesswork. The development of these measurements has enabled us as clinicians to make an objective and reliable judgement regarding the effectiveness of mattress prescription.

To book a mattress fitting assessment today, simply call Muscle Joint Bone on (03) 9715 0582.
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