What Podiatry Services are Covered by Medicare?

What podiatry services are covered by Medicare?

What Podiatry Services are Covered by Medicare?

Have your feet or lower extremities been giving you trouble for an extended period? Are you looking for treatment options and wondering about costs? Podiatry care may be beneficial to you, and the good news is there may be financial support available to you.

Podiatry is a form of treatment that focuses on disorders and injuries pertaining to the feet, ankles, and lower legs. Our experienced and passionate podiatrists can provide a comprehensive assessment of your issues and determine the most appropriate course of action for your specific situation. Depending on your requirements, rebates may be available to support you during your treatment.

When seeking holistic treatment for certain issues, podiatry may be right for you. Find out how our team may be able to help you and what podiatry services are covered by Medicare.

What is Podiatry?

Podiatrists treat a range of disorders and injuries that involve the feet and surrounding region. We implement a variety of evidence-based techniques within a personalised treatment plan to help you find increased comfort and better functionality.

Following a thorough assessment, methods we may use include:

  • Joint mobilisation.
  • Soft tissue therapy, such as massage and stretching.
  • Dry needling.
  • Shockwave therapy.
  • Strapping, orthotics, and braces.
  • Wound care.
  • Gait analysis.
  • Footwear advice.
  • Injections, such as corticosteroids.
  • Certain surgical procedures.

Some of the conditions and concerns we treat include:

  • Diabetic-related foot issues.
  • Skin and nail disorders.
  • Plantar fasciitis.
  • Achilles tendinopathy.
  • Sporting injuries.
  • Congenital conditions, such as clubfoot.
  • Gait abnormalities.
  • Joint conditions, such as arthritis.

What is Medicare?

In Australia, we have a publicly funded healthcare insurance scheme called Medicare. This government-run system supports access to a variety of health services by covering all or part of related costs.

Medicare involves options such as:

  • Bulk billing at eligible locations.
  • Rebates on certain medical services, such as doctor appointments and diagnostic tests.
  • Rebates on certain prescription medications.
  • Public hospital access.

Medicare covers many services but there are eligibility requirements for certain areas. Being aware of the specifics is important when it comes to understanding what you may be able to claim for in relation to your circumstances. It can be helpful to contact Medicare or visit their website for further clarification.

Am I Eligible For Medicare Rebates For Podiatry?

Podiatry care is covered by Medicare with eligible service providers. To be eligible for Medicare rebates for podiatry, you must fulfil certain requirements. These may include:

  • Podiatry care must be for a chronic condition which has been, or is likely to be, present for six months.
  • The condition must require complex care, which involves factors such as a shared care plan or a GP Management Plan.
  • Treatment by a podiatrist must be recommended as part of your multidisciplinary care plan.
  • A referral to the podiatrist by a doctor.
  • Treatment must be for at least 20 minutes.

Other specifics pertain to your referring doctor, which you can discuss with them and/or Medicare for clarification.

What is The Medicare Rebate For Podiatry?

Although organising Medicare support may sound complicated, it can be worth it. We are happy to help you through the process as much as we can, and can let you know the best ways to get your remaining questions answered.

If you are eligible for Medicare support for podiatry care, you can claim up to five visits per calendar year as part of your care plan. We can organise your reimbursement when you pay at the clinic to save you a trip to Medicare. The Medicare rebate is $56, no matter what your treatment involves.

Receive Comprehensive Podiatry Care With The Right Support

If your doctor recommends podiatry care for your ongoing condition, talk to them about a referral if your circumstances align with Medicare requirements. Podiatry care may be highly beneficial, so it can be useful to explore your financial options and make an appointment.

If you are experiencing discomfort, reduced functionality, or other concerns related to your feet, ankles, and lower extremities, please contact our friendly team.




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