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Shin splints are a common injury that can be completely debilitating for athletes, runners and walkers alike.

Shin Splints occur when muscle and bone tissue along the lower leg tear and become overworked. Symptoms range from mild to severe pain. If home remedies haven’t helped, then book an appointment with one of our podiatrists who can help assess and alleviate your condition.

One of the most common overuse injuries, shin splints can be completely debilitating and also a weekend runner’s worst nightmare

Shin splints refer to a common pain felt below the knee on either the anterior or posterior side of the shin bone and involve the Tibialis Anterior Muscle.

Shin Splints often plague runners beginning to increase workload or first time runners all together who fail to gradually increase workload.

Causes of Shin Splints

  • Increased workload
  • Overpronation of your feet
  • Oversupination of your feet
  • Inappropriate footwear
  • Increasing your training too quickly
  • Running on hard or angled surfaces
  • Lack of flexibility at your ankle joint
  • Poor knee flexion alignment
  • Poor buttock control at in the stance phase
  • Poor core stability
  • Tight calf muscles, hamstrings
  • Weak quadriceps, foot arch muscles

Shin Splints Symptoms

Shin pain doesn’t always necessarily mean you have Shin Splints, shin pain can be attributed other conditions.
Common symptoms however include:

  • Pain on the anterior side of the shin
  • Pain on the posterior side of the shin
  • Mild swelling
  • Press along your shin to identify painful spots – If you have pain all along your shin, it is most likely shin splints
  • Dull aching pain

Diagnosis of Shin Splints

Shin splints are diagnosed using:

  • Pain response testing – Identifying painful points on the shin bone
  • Medical Imaging such as X-rays

Shin Splints Treatment

The single best remedy for Shin Splints is rest, however optimizing the rest period to ensure maximum efficiency is important. It is also important to remember Shin Splints are different from bone stress injuries such as stress fractures
The following treatment methods are typically used:

  • Firstly rest
  • Ice
  • Manual therapy and massage
  • Foam rolling
  • Biomechanical assessment and tweaking
  • Orthotics
  • Dry needling

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